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Chemical Peel


The chemical peeling season is beginning
Autumn and winter are ideal times to indulge your complexion with radical regeneration without risking the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
What does chemical peeling do to help your skin?
·         rejuvenates the skin and has an anti-ageing effect
·         regenerates, hydrates and improves the overall look of the skin
·         brightens the complexion


The oxygen facial delivers the oxygen under pressure with an oxygen gun, creating a condition similar to a hyberbaric chamber. A hyperbaric chamber creates a condition whereby the oxygen pressure is above normal for the atmosphere and forces oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin. The oxygen penetrates deeply delivering its powerful regenerative benefits.
Oxygen when deliverered by hyperbaric means oxygenates the skin and this is why doctors have used it in hospitals to treat burn victims and help wounds more rapidly.

GERnetic International

What is GERnetic ?

It's a name that associates GERontology ( the science of aging) and geNETICS.
The human body consists of billions of cells. Each cell is of a very specific biological composition and has a limited life. Your body is just like a car. A car won't go if you do not fill the tank with gas. If you put the wrong gas it won't work properly. Neither can you expect to keep your car for long and in good condition if you do not have it serviced once in a while. The gas for your car is a crucial as the food your cells need to function properly.

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Chemical Peel
GERnetic International


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