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  • Thank you for your service.I will be coming back!
  • Fantastic relaxing facial will definitely go back.
  • Great service.I would be there soon!!!
  • Eunice did an awesome job.I was about 20 minutes late, her last appointment for the day and yet she treated me like I was her first appointment for the day! She definitely knows how to give a great skin care treatment! I would highly recommend her. 
  • Very professional and my face felt smooth after the facial, thank you.
  • Loved the facial and the special attention bc of my pregnancy.
  • She was wonderful, knew her products and knew what to do with my skin type. Very polite.Awesome experience.
  • Eunice was very kind and inviting. She is very knowledgeable in skin care and I left with a beautiful and glowing face afterwards.Definitely going back for sure!
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  • Excellent service!
  • Quite professional, friendly, knowledgeable, will be going back for more!
  • Wonderful! I love how my skin feels and looks.I'll be back again and again.
  • What a wonderful treatment, from a very experienced lady. I will continue to get her services.
  • Eunice is a great person. She is concerned about you getting the right specialty. Her treatments are very good. 
  • I had a skin treatment with Eunice and was very impressed with the results. She is with an excellent professional that treats her clients with respect, courtesy, and high level of professionalism. She also uses great products that will reflect in you seeing the results in your skin right way. I want to go back for more. Debora
  • If you are looking for a facial or body treatment, this is the place to come. Eunice has all of the latest and great services, products and to bit anyone's needs. The environment  is so relaxing and peaceful. Her professionalism, kindness and experience makes it all the more inviting! Thank you Eunice for all of the wonderful sessions we've had!!Kelly