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What is GERnetic ?

It's a name that associates GERontology ( the science of aging) and geNETICS.
The human body consists of billions of cells. Each cell is of a very specific biological composition and has a limited life. Your body is just like a car. A car won't go if you do not fill the tank with gas. If you put the wrong gas it won't work properly. Neither can you expect to keep your car for long and in good condition if you do not have it serviced once in a while. The gas for your car is a crucial as the food your cells need to function properly.( You may not realize it, but your body is constantly making new cells to replace old ones that wear out.) This is essential nutrition - which your cells need daily - is the decisive factor in whether you are healthy or not, whether you will age gracefully or prematurely.
Unfortunately, our modern life style in the so-called civilized countries is totally unbalanced:
  • Our industrialized food is poor in essential nutrients because of fertilized crops, pesticides, refined food, canned food etc...
  • We eat to much food rich in hard to digest elements such as sugar, animal fat, dairy products, and too few vegetable, fruits and whole grain.
  • Our meals are quite unbalanced: very little or nothing at all in the morning.
  • Incomplete at lunch time, too rich and difficult to digest in the evening.
  • Our stressful way of life : Threatening pollution, lack of personal time, the economic uncertainties, new diseases, etc...
These factors together can little by little cause a breakdown of the body's ability to replenish and maintain a healthy state.

The skin is the reflection of the inside
Therefore any problem that affects your body will have a repercussion not only on the way you feel but also on the way you look!

                      GERnetic TO THE RESCUE!
We tend to think of food as just something that provides calories and satisfies our taste buds. The new science of Orthomolecular medicine ( nutritional medicine)) describes the practice of preventing and treating diseases by providing the body with optimal amounts of specially chosen nutrients and demonstrates that the use of those nutrients can provide many healing benefits and positive health outcomes.
GERnetic has been a PIONEER for 49 years in orthomolecular therapy.
However, it has limited its application to the field of skin care and the beautification of the body.
In 1961 French biologist Albert LAPORTE had already started his own research in cellular biology. Busy investigating the internal causes of all beauty problems( wrinkles, acne, cellulite, fatty deposits, too big or too small a breasts, etc...) he was particularly concerned on how to heal and re-structure the tissues in case of third degree burns. Together with many hospitals and clinics, he investigated ( through tests and biopsies) the biological composition of each cell of the human body and continually searched for essential nutritious elements whose molecular weight and volume let them be absorbed by the skin. All of these nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids) had to correspond closely to the biological composition of the cells, so as to regenerate the tissues. After 17 years of intense research, he decided to created one-of-a-kind, safe, sound, natural, scientific, smart skin care product line that would be absolutely out of the ordinary, an advanced technology based on essential nutrition through the skin. He founded Laboratoires GERnetic Synthese (LABO-GER.S) in 1978.
Today, GERnetic beauty products are referred to as the only skin care line that makes up for the diet deficiencies. The products have been formulated to address each specific need of the face, bust and body in order to maintain the tissues at their maximum level of activity.


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